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17th Annual AGM and 2020/21 Executive Committee

The year 2020 had indeed been a challenging year for all.  APHP like other organisations and/or associations had to adapt and forge ahead with the times by utilising online platforms to not only conduct our monthly meetings but very first AGM using this medium.

It has proved to be most beneficial in terms of the convenience it allowed members who would otherwise be unable to attend an APHP AGM for logistical reasons, attend their very first  AGM and from the comfort of their own home.

The Executive Committee for period 2020-2021 are as follows:

Jenna Lavin (Chair)

Emmylou Bailey

Louise van Riet (Treasurer)

Ursula Rigby

Claire Abrahamse

Gavin McLachlan (Eastern Cape representative)

Adre Aggenbach (Gauteng representative)

Muneerah Karriem (Co-opted Secretary)

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APHP AGM Minutes 2020_0.pdf (327.16 KB) 327.16 KB
APHP - 2020 financial statements.pdf (753.34 KB) 753.34 KB