My experience as a heritage researcher, museum curator and writer dates back to the late 1990s whilst completing my PhD dissertation and simultaneously working at the Wits History Workshop (of the University of the Witwatersrand). At that time, the History Workshop’s challenge was to excavate archival collections, conduct life history interviews and write popular histories as well as exhibition texts for a number of museums such as Robben Island Museum (RIM) where I later took up a position as Senior Researcher. My time at Robben Island Museum (and later at Iziko Museums of South Africa, South African History Online and Archival Platform) was predominantly devoted to: conducting research; writing research reports; contributing to policy documents and management plans (for example RIM’s Integrated Conservation Management Plan); exhibition narratives; and editing a number of articles and reports. Since 2012 I have been involved in a number of heritage research projects including: an audit of archival material related to the history of Khayelitsha; undertaking a feasibility study for the establishment of a memory centre in Khayelitsha; writing content for an exhibition about the City of Cape Town’s proposed Khayelitsha Memory Centre; drafting genealogies for use in estate settlements; an analysis of archival activism in South Africa with the Archival Platform; designing a methodology for the City of Cape Town to manage its heritage collection and publishing research papers. Some of this work has involved aligning heritage plans to national, provincial and local government policy, legislation, regulations and standards. These include but are not limited to the National Heritage Resources Act No 25 of 1999 and the Municipal Finance Management Act No 56 of 2003, especially in respect of the requirements of the Generally Recognised Accounting Practices (GRAP 103). Over the years I have published in museum guides, booklets and accredited journals.

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Cape Town and Johannesburg
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Wits History Workshop, Archival Platform
Historian/Heritage Researcher


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