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 Dear Applicant

 Please take note of the summary below when applying for membership.

Membership recognition is undertaken according to strict professional and academic criteria which are outlined in the Rules of Application.

To save time applicants should make sure they meet all academic and professional requirements, without which they will not qualify for membership. This will assist the committee in reviewing applications timeously.

APHP is a professional rather than an academic association. This means that applicants need to demonstrate that they have been active in the field of heritage management and the application of the heritage law with related reports and heritage assessments. The Committee reserves the right to ask for relevant reports. The Committee also reserves the right to turn down an application that does not fulfil the requirements; or suggest a different category of membership.

Candidate members should demonstrate a motivation for undertaking heritage as a profession and indicate how their candidacy is to be assisted. APHP Membership Committee does not take on the responsibility of mentorship. At the end of a candidacy the applicant will be required to indicate what heritage work they assisted with and with whom.

Applications are reviewed by a full Membership Committee. Matters affecting applications are discussed and a consensus is reached. Decisions are then submitted to the Executive Committee for ratification.

Applicants are reviewed and assessed as they submit their applications. However time frames are dependent on the work programs of the Membership Committee and EXCO who work on a voluntary basis and are all busy heritage professionals. A series of applications should take 2-3 months to process. That however is dependent on the applicant fulfilling all the necessary requirements.

Once you have downloaded the application form, completed it and paid the application fee, please email the form and any attachments to . 

Please do not post the application to APHP. 

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